Crafted for the modern woman, the Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger for Women is a refreshingly energetic fragrance that will allure everyone around you with its enthralling scent. This Eau de Toilette is inspired by wildflowers that are found in America’s magnificent landscapes. The spirited fragrance excites your senses with its impeccable blend of blooming flowers. It is available in an upright 100ml glass flacon with a sleek silver cap. Tommy Girl perfume reviews have been lauded by fragrance experts and for all the right reasons. This scent was created to highlight that free spirit and enhance that womanly grace.




Tommy Girl 100ml begins with the intense scents of Camellia flower and soft apple tree blossom. These uplifting notes meet tangy ones from rich black currant and sweet mandarin orange. This makes for a striking start to an exquisite fragrance.

The heart of Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger for Women emanates a rich, tart aromas from its tasteful blend of grapefruit and lemon. These notes are combined with sweet, floral accords of honeysuckle, butterfly violet, lily, and rose. And finally adding that cool elegance to this layer is the refreshing note of fresh mint that gives you a hypnotic scent that is truly exhilarating.

The Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger for Women ends with the fragrant notes of desert jasmine and magnolia petals. These notes are highlighted by the bright and exotic nuances of cedar and warm sandalwood. The refined aroma of leather steps in to add that unexpected edge to the combination that follows you with a soft and sensuous aroma.

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl for Women - Eau de Toilette, 100ml

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